About Us

Pharma New Zealand PNZ Limited is an industry pioneer with a mission to provide consumers with genuine and effective dietary supplements.
Our company is founded on the principles of scientific evidence, driven by innovation for business growth, and relies on New Zealand involved studies as the foundation of its intellectual property (IP).

Our Value

We are healthcare guide to a better life.

Both scientific enquiry and creative initiative are central to our progress. Furthermore, we are pleased to own New Zealand-focused Intellectual Property that has been instrumental in developing our company and its wares. We set the standard for the industry by delivering superior quality nutritional supplements to the public.
Our Mission

Our supplements made with pride in New Zealand.

For your health, we only use ingredients that have been proven in the lab and are recognised around the world. Through the use of novel formulations and the partnership of a fully licensed, honest, and enthusiastic partner, we provide premium health supplements that are made with pride in New Zealand.
Our Vision

Our science, your health.

Spread the word about the dietary supplements that actually work by sharing our findings with the industry and working together to raise the bar for these products. The delivery of nutritional supplements that solve your problems is central to our company’s ethos.


Product development originates from science, is a rigorous, systematic endeavor that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions.


Adhere to innovation, endow each product with new vitality and functions,adoption, assimilation, and exploitation of a value-added novelty in economic and social spheres.


IP witnesses the achievements of every scientific innovation and is the soul of products. Persist and contribute,it is the mission of each IP is the foundation of brand development.